N. Nigmatulin: parliamentary dialogue promotes trust and partnership between countries

Nur-Sultan, September 24, House of Mazhilis. Chairman of the Mazhilis Nurlan Nigmatulin, summing up the results of the 4th meeting of the Speakers of the Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments themed “Greater Eurasia: Dialogue. Trust. Partnership”, expressed confidence that the initiatives and proposals made at the forum will bring the partnership of the Eurasian States to a new level.

Noting the detailed, in-depth conversation on the ways to promote integration processes in the Eurasian space, the exchange of experience in their legislative support, the Speaker of the Mazhilis thanked all the participants of the meeting for the work at the forum.

- Thanks to all of you, our current meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan allowed us to actively use the existing potential of parliamentary diplomacy to strengthen cooperation between our States. All the speeches at the plenary sessions and discussions have shown once again that this format of multilateral inter-parliamentary cooperation helps to solve the problem of strengthening political, economic and humanitarian ties and deepening integration processes on our continent. Therefore, we need to continue to actively use the potential of our legislative bodies for the development of dialogue, trust and partnership, said Nurlan Nigmatulin.

In total, during the forum, there were four plenary sessions, which discussed the strengthening of peace and stability in the region, countering extremism and terrorism, development of dialogue of civilizations and cultures, innovative development of economies, digitalization and solving social problems.

The result of the work was the Statement of the participants of the 4th meeting of the Speakers of the Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments.

- 25 years ago, the First President of the country – Yelbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev – launched the initiative of Eurasian integration. Over the years, having passed a number of stages of development, the initiative of the President was embodied in a number of important agreements and arrangements. And today at our forum, the parliamentarians of Europe and Asia, noting the exceptional role of the First President of Kazakhstan, in their Statement consolidated the historical contribution of Nursultan Nazarbayev as the author and initiator of the Eurasian idea, as well as a number of successful integration economic institutions in the Eurasian space. This is the evidence of international recognition of the merits of the President, the success of his strategic course, which all these years ensures the progressive movement of Kazakhstan forward.

The next 5th meeting of the Speakers of the Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments will be held in 2020 in Indonesia.

(Press service of the Mazhilis 74-68-44, photo by Zh. Kuspanov)

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