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President's Address is the prime landmark in the complex anti-crisis plan, Senate Speaker says

While opening the session of the Senate of the Parliamenton 10 December,the Speaker of the House Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized the central event in the political life of the country – the State of the Nation Address by President Nursultan Nazarbayev.He highlightedthe strategy put forward by the Head of the State amid the global upheavalsas a specific programme aimed at raising the country to a new level.

Economic growth, successful reforms and sustainable development will be the prime landmarks of our complex plan. On this point, the President identified five major tasks to be implemented in the near future, Tokayev said.

Speaker of the Senate indicated that “the President has drawn particular attention to the new stage of privatization and further stimulation of the economic competition. Kazakhstan seeks to attract more foreign investors. For that end we need to create an appropriate legal basis.

At the session, the senators elected 32 new judges of the Supreme Court nominated by the Head of State’s proposal which is based upon the recommendations of the Higher Judicial Council.

The Chamber ratified the Agreement on the introduction of common forms of the vehicle registration certificate (the vehicle chassis certificate) and certificate of self-propelled machines and other types of the vehicle certificates and organization of electronic certificates. The agreement was signed by the states of the Customs Union on August 15, 2014 in Moscow and is aimed at creating conditions for free circulation of vehicles on the single customs territory.

Senators also approved the draft amendments to the legislation on safety at sports,public athletic, entertainment and cultural events on the document's first reading.

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