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Building of the Parliament Mazhilis

The Parliament makes important governmental decisions in the democratic republic. However, the place where the draft laws are being discussed has an effect on the quality of the adopted laws too. The newly erected building of the Mazhilis of the Parliament in the new centre of the capital, Astana New City special economic area, is the worthy symbol of the legislative branch of power of our state.

The building is at the main square in the new downtown, neighbouring the President Residence and Supreme Court and Senate building. It has four blocks with a 22 flour building and a hall for joint sittings of the Parliament Chambers. There is a gallery bridging the buildings of the Mazhilis and Senate.

The customer of the Mazhilis building was the Administrative Department of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Turkish construction company Ahsel Inshaat was the contractor. The construction took three years from 2002 to 2004. The total area of rooms makes 26,800 square metres.

The ground floor accommodates rooms of technical service ensuring functioning of water, heating, electric power and other utilities, telephone communication, printing shop, garage, warehouse, etc.

There is the central entry to the Mazhilis and a beautifully decorated hall on the first floor. The front, foyer, and galleries are finished with granite. Local company Astana Granit supplied this material. Granite was chosen because it makes the building look grand and powerful.

There is a 50-person reception hall, press centre for 150 persons, 4 dining rooms for 15, 50, 80 and 150 persons, shops, banks’ cash desks, railway and air ticket offices, office, control room and a news stall.

The hall for joint sittings of the Parliament Chambers for 400 persons is an important element of the building. It is made in the classic style. The hall is equipped with modern equipment for simultaneous conference interpreting to several dozens of languages.

There is also a hall for 150 persons on the second floor for plenary sittings of the Chamber. The armchairs and walls there are tender beige. The tables are equipped with a remote control for voting and a sound amplifying system. The sitting hall is divided into three sections. Two of them are for deputies, and the third one is for representatives of ministries and the Machinery of Mazhilis.

There are also 7 special rooms on that floor for meetings of working groups and commissions, and deputies unions for 20-40 persons, rooms for conference interpreters and stenographists, and a library for 40 persons, TV studio complex, first-aid room, and a hairdresser’s.

Rooms of deputies, their assistants, and employees of the Chamber Machinery are situated on the third floor and higher floors. Besides, there are also separate halls for working meetings of committees on seven floors. The Chairman to Mazhilis takes the 21 floor. There is the speaker’s office, rooms of the Speaker’s Secretariat employees, hall for reception of official delegations, and the sitting hall of the Mazhilis Burea.