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The Mazhilis approved in the first reading the bill on reforming housing policy

Astana, November 22, House of the Mazhilis. Today at the plenary meeting of the Mazhilis, deputies approved in the first reading amendments on reforming housing policy and ratified a number of international documents.

Mazhilis deputies considered in the first reading the bill with amendments and additions on the issues of reforming housing policy, developed to implement the instructions of the Head of State. It was presented to parliamentarians by the Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapaev.

– According to current legislation, local executive bodies carry out the functions of registering citizens to receive housing from the state, as well as distributing and providing housing. As part of the bill, it is proposed to transfer them to «Otbasy Bank». At the same time, providing housing to those on the waiting list through its construction and acquisition remains within the competence of akimats. In this regard, it is planned to transform «Otbasy Bank» into a national development institute, which will centrally carry out the transferred functions, – said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Construction.

At the same time, it is planned to remove «Otbasy Bank» from the systems of second-tier banks and guarantee deposits. It will continue to carry out banking and other operations, but without a license from the financial regulator. However, the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market and the National Bank retain a number of control and supervisory functions, and the safety of deposits placed will be guaranteed by the state.

– On the basis of «Otbasy Bank», a Housing Provision Center will be created, in which all citizens can register, regardless of belonging to certain categories. This will allow us to apply the «one window» principle. The distribution of housing among those in need will be carried out depending on the date of registration and income level. It is proposed to increase the requirement for the period of absence of housing up to 10 years for new people on the waiting list, – said Kanat Sharlapaev.

As part of the new approaches, existing benefits and priorities for certain categories of citizens have also been revised. Member of the Committee on Economic Reform and Regional Development Lukbek Tumashinov spoke about them in his co-report.

– The rights to receive housing from the state housing fund and to receive free-of-charge ownership of the housing they occupy are preserved. According to the first, the list is expanded from 4 to 6; the second, today there are 11 categories of socially vulnerable segments of the population. The bill also introduces a new function of akimats. This is to provide housing for families of persons who died in the performance of military service, law enforcement, and saving human life no later than one year, – said Lukbek Tumashinov.

Following the debate, the Mazhilismen approved the amendments in the first reading. Their preparation for the second reading will be carried out within the framework of a working group with the participation of deputies and experts.

In addition, the Mazhilis ratified a number of international documents. Among them is the Special Agreement between the governments of Kazakhstan and France on the implementation of cooperation in the fight against global warming. According to the Minister of Energy Almasadam Satkaliev, the purpose of the document is to promote large projects in the field of renewable energy sources and sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

As part of the agreement, it is planned to build a wind power plant with a total capacity of 1 GW near the village of Mirny in the Zhambyl region. Chairman of the Committee on Ecology and Natural Resources Management Edil Zhanbyrshin noted that the implementation of the project will attract investment, develop green energy, reduce greenhouse gases by at least 2 million tons and create 250 permanent and 2,500 temporary jobs.

– Along with these positive directions, the Government should oblige the investor to comply with other requirements that protect the interests of Kazakhstan. In particular, it is necessary to increase the share of Kazakhstani content and begin to produce some parts of the wind power plant ourselves. Because in the future there are plans to build other large wind power plants in the country, – said Edil Zhanbyrshin.

Two more ratified protocols amend the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union and the Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. The first is aimed at eliminating existing gaps in the current law of the EAEU, identified during law enforcement practice. The second is to expand cooperation between the CSTO countries in the field of biological safety.

The Mazhilis also adopted a new bill «On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on civil protection issues».

At the end of the plenary session, the Mazhilismen sent 12 parliamentary requests to the responsible government bodies on current social and economic issues. All of them are available on the official website and Telegram channel of the Mazhilis.


Press service of the Mazhilis – 24-38-22. Photo by Zh. Zhumabekova, T. Tanybaeva

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