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The Mazhilis will consider ratifying agreements on mutual protection of investments with Singapore and Qatar

Astana, December 1, House of the Mazhilis. The Bureau of the Mazhilis, chaired by Erlan Koshanov, determined the draft agenda for the upcoming plenary meeting.

Deputies will consider draft laws on the ratification of agreements between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Singapore, as well as Kazakhstan and Qatar on the promotion and mutual protection of investments.

The document with Singapore was signed on November 21, 2018. Its goal is to create favorable conditions for closer bilateral economic cooperation, as well as stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives and increase the welfare of both states.

A similar agreement with Qatar was made in Astana on October 12, 2022. It is aimed at stimulating the influx of foreign direct investment and improving the economic well-being of the contracting countries.

Also included in the agenda of the plenary session are bills on the ratification of the Protocol on the termination of the Agreement on the Mutual Security of Interstate Secrets in the Field of Legal Protection of Inventions of June 4, 1999 and the Convention on the Law of Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses. The last document is the Framework Convention, which is a global legal mechanism to promote the fair and sustainable management of transboundary rivers and lakes.

In addition, the Mazhilis plans to adopt draft laws on science and technology policy with accompanying amendments and additions, as well as amendments on diplomatic service issues. The bill on science and technology policy, initiated by deputies, was developed in pursuance of the Election Program of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.


(Press service of the Mazhilis - 74-66-20. Photo by Zh. Zhumabekova)

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