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The Majilis adopted amendments on health issues

Astana, January 24, the House of the Mazhilis. Today, at the plenary session of the Mazhilis, deputies approved in the first reading legislative amendments on communications, digitalization and improving the investment climate in the field of informatization, and also adopted in the second reading a law with amendments and additions on health issues.

Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva, Secretary of the Committee on Economic Reform and Regional Development, said that amendments on communications, digitalization and improving the investment climate in the field of informatization were developed at the initiative of deputies of the Mazhilis.

The draft law is part of the systematic work of the Mazhilis in terms of legal support for digital development in the country and is aimed at fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State. It consists of three blocks. These include improving the quality and accessibility of communications, developing digitalization, and supporting innovation.

– The draft law provides for the following measures: redistribution of the radio frequency spectrum; inclusion of infrastructure sites in master plans and reservation of territories for communication needs, securing equal access of operators to the locations of communication networks and facilities, introduction of practical legal regimes for innovations in national legislation and others. The draft law also introduces legal conditions for the digitalization of industry solutions, for example, the appointment of IIN to newborns, – Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva informed.

The deputy noted that if the bill is adopted, the construction of communication lines will accelerate, the quality of services will improve and coverage areas will expand. At the same time, competition between operators will develop, new satellite communications will start working, the investment climate will improve and the share of innovations in the economy will increase.

Following the results of the debate, the Mazhilismen decided to approve the amendments in the first reading. Further discussion of the draft law will continue at the meetings of the working groups.

In addition, the deputies adopted in the second reading and sent to the Senate amendments on health issues developed by the Government on behalf of the President. Guldara Nurumova, the head of the working group, reported on the main norms of the draft law. The amendments improved the mechanism of compulsory insurance of professional liability of medical workers and adopted a number of standards aimed at improving the status of health workers.

– Payment of insurance premiums to insurance organizations will be carried out only by health care entities. The procedure for reviewing patient complaints in the event of insured events has been defined, as well as the amount of insurance payments has been specified. In order to strengthen the social guarantees of health workers, a number of norms are provided, including the implementation of a one–time cash payment in the amount of 100 minimum wages to specialists arriving to work in the village, Guldara Nurumova said.

In addition, the bill establishes a complete ban on the import, production, sale and distribution of vapes, and excludes the mandatory use of clinical protocols in the provision of medical care. In general, amendments and additions are being made to 4 codes and 9 laws.

The Majilis also ratified the Protocol on Amending the Agreement between Kazakhstan and Lithuania on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters dated August 9, 1994.

– The Protocol provides for the amendment of article 4 of the Treaty regarding the transfer to the national level of powers to determine the competent institutions of the parties engaged in relations in the provision of legal assistance. The ratification of the Protocol will further strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of legal assistance in civil and criminal cases aimed at protecting the rights of citizens of Kazakhstan and Lithuania, Minister of Justice Azamat Eskarayev said.

The plenary session also considered the early termination of the powers of Deputy of the Mazhilis Dinara Shukizhanova. Earlier, the Central Election Commission issued a corresponding resolution in connection with her application.

In addition, the Mazhilis elected deputies to the joint commission of the Chambers of Parliament on the draft Constitutional Law "On Amendments and Additions to the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Judicial system and the status of Judges of the Republic of Kazakhstan". It includes Snezhanna Imasheva, Abzal Kuspan and Unzila Shapak.

The relevant committees have adopted two new draft laws: on culture and education, as well as on the development of the financial market and protection of the rights of consumers of financial services.

At the end of the plenary session, the Mazhilismen sent 24 deputy requests to the responsible state bodies on topical social and economic issues. All of them are available on the official website and Telegram channelof the Mazhilis.


The press service of the Mazhilis - 24-38-22. Photo by J.Zhumabekova, T.Tanybayeva


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