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Gulmira Rysbekovna Kalmanbetova
Head of the Department of Documentation
She was born on 22 April 1972. Graduated from the Kazakh State Academy of Administration, Kazakh Institute of Law and International Relations. Lawyer, economist.

Since September 2007 - Head of the Department of Documentation of the Administration of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She was awarded Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan and several commemorative medals.

Functions of the department

The section provides document support for the deputies of the Chamber, its standing committees, sections and other structural subdivisions. The main functions of the section: pre-registration expertise of received draft laws on their compliance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Mazhilis of the Parliament; monitoring of the deputy inquiries; replication of materials for joint meetings of the Chambers of the Parliament, plenary sessions of the Mazhilis; execution of subscription documents on all acts, accepted by the Parliament, Mazhilis; provision of linguistic expertise of the text of legislative and other acts of the Mazhilis; registration and accounting of official correspondence and appeals of individuals and legal entities; organization of work on adherence to access control in the buildings of the Mazhilis of the Parliament.