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OSIN Shamil Abzaletdinovich

Born on August 12, 1961 in Tomsk, Russia. In 1980, he graduated from the Professional Technical School in Karaganda with a degree in underground electrical fitter. In 1996, he graduated from Karaganda State University with a degree in Finance and Credit.

He began his career in 1980 as an underground electrician of the 4th category at the site No. 5 of the Kostenko mine of the Karaganda Coal Production Association"

In 1982-1984-Served in the Soviet Army;

1984-1991-Work in the system of trade unions of the Karaganda region;

1991-1993-Director of a small private construction company;

1993-1999-President of Soyuztorgoborudovanie;

1999-2009-Director of Shigis LLP;

2009-15. 01. 2021-Head of the farm "Shigis»

Since January 2021-Deputy of the seventh convocation of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, elected from the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. Member of the Committee on Agrarian Issues.

He was awarded the Order "Kurmet" (2017) and the medals " Shapagat "(2011), the medal "Halik algisi" (2020).