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TORGAYEV Bekkali Nurgalievich
Member of the Committee on Agrarian Issues of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Born on 17 November, 1961 in the Kirov collective farm of the Merken neighborhood of the Zhambyl region. In 1969, enrolled in the 1st grade of the Kazakh secondary school of the Kirov collective farm, and on 28 June, 1979, graduated from the M. Auezov school in the village of Novotroitskoye located in the Chui district of the Zhambyl region.

In 1979, entered the Kazakh Agricultural Institute of the of Alma-Ata city and on 9 April,1984, graduated from the above-mentioned educational institution, majoring in Agronomy, on 16 July, 2012, graduated from the Kazakh University of Railways, majoring in Economics.

In 1984, underwent military training at the Kazakh Institute of agriculture and received the rank of Lieutenant, misappropriation order MO SSR No. 289 dated 15 November 1984, the command structure, military ID B4 No. 245507 from 23 September, 1986, issued Kurdai District of Zhambyl region, took a military oath on 27 July, 1984. Orders of the Defense Department Soviet socialist Republic, and later the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan, February 6, 1987, was promoted to senior Lieutenant on 3 August 1994, captain, since April 2000, became a reserve officer with the rank of major, and since June 2019 he is a reserve officer, Lieutenant Colonel.

His career began in the village of Blagoveshchenka Kurdai district of Zhambyl region. From September 3, 1984 to February 1, 1985, was appointed agronomist-seed grower of Kok-Kainarsky beetroot -farm, from February 1, 1985 to July 7, 1988, worked as a senior agronomist for sugar beet and from July 7 to December 26, 1988, was appointed as an acting Chief engineer of hydraulic engineering, dismissed due to the transfer.

December 26, 1988 to January 28, 1993 became a chief agronomist of the state farm "Talapty" Kasik Kordaysky district of Zhambyl region, dismissed in connection with the transfer.

From January 28, 1993, worked as the director of the state farm Burkinsky Zhualy district of Zhambyl region, until February 11, 1998, was dismissed in connection with the transfer to the Baizak district of Zhambyl region, where on February 23, 1998, was appointed as deputy mayor. On December 31, 2004, was dismissed due to a transfer.

Since December 31, 2004, he was the head of the Land Relations Department of the Akimat of the Zhambyl region, from where he was dismissed on March 5, 2005 due to the transfer to the post of Deputy head of the Land Relations Department of the city of Almaty, where he worked until January 22, 2007. On January 22, 2007, he became the head of the Department of Land Relations of the city of Almaty.

From 18 August 2009 to February 20, 2015, he has been appointed as an Akim of Auezov district of Almaty city on February 20, 2015 to September 25, 2018, worked as an akim of Bostandyk district of Almaty, 25 September 2018 to 14 January 2021 was an akim of Alatau district of Almaty city.

Since January 14, 2021, he has been working as a deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the VII convocation..

Awarded with state awards: in 2001 was awarded with the jubilee medal "Kazakhstan Republikasynin tauelsizdigine 10 zhyl", in 2011 received the jubilee medal "Kazakhstan Republikasynin tauelsizdigine 20 zhyl", in 2012 was awarded the Order of Honor ("Kurmet"), in 2014 was honored with the badge of the Nur Otan party"Belsendi Kyzmeti ushin”. In 2015, received the jubilee medal “Kazakhstan Constitutciyasina 20 zhyl " and the jubileemedal" Kazakhstan Khalky Assembleyasina 20 zhyl" and also presented to receive the badge of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption "Uzdik memlekettik kyzmetshi", in 2016 received the jubilee medal "Kazakhstan Republikasynin tauelsizdigine 25 zhyl", in 2018 was awarded the jubilee medal "Astana 20 zhyl", in 2019 was awarded the badge of the Akimat of Almaty "Enbegi Ush", in 2020 was awarded jubilee medal "Kazakhstan Constitutsiyasina 25 zhyl".

Marital status: married, father of three children