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Mazhilismen adopted a package of amendments to regulate the movement of electric scooters

Astana, May 10, Mazhilis House. Mazhilismen adopted amendments and additions to some legislative acts on the organization of traffic. In addition, we ratified the Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Holy See on relations of September 24, 1998.

As Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva, secretary of the Mazhilis Committee on Economic Reform and Regional Development, said, according to the bill initiated by parliamentarians, electric scooters are recognized as a vehicle. At the same time, the speed of their movement should not exceed 25 km / h. A corresponding change is introduced into the legislation by amendments on the organization of traffic. The law was adopted today by the deputies at the plenary session.

“Electric scooters can move without restrictions on bike paths and roadsides. On sidewalks - with a pedestrian flow speed of not more than 6 km/h. It is allowed to drive on the extreme right lane of the carriageway, including the bus lane in one row. However, for this, the driver must be over 18 years old, wearing a fastened helmet and reflective clothing (at night) and have a license of any category. It is also necessary to dismount at pedestrian crossings and crossroads,” the speaker said.

Mazhilis members asked their colleague clarifying questions, including about the proposed speed limit for electric scooters on sidewalks. Arman Kalykov asked how this restriction would be administered, because there are no speed cameras in pedestrian zones, and scooters do not have registration numbers. He also asked representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about what measures would be taken against drivers of electric scooters in case of violation of the speed limit.

“There are no specialized cameras on the sidewalks, but this speed is visualized, it is actually the speed of the pedestrian flow. If the electric scooter significantly exceeds the speed, it will be visible on any video recording. If the case goes to trial, then in court it can easily be proved. In addition, such a restriction allows you to significantly reduce the braking distance of the scooter and stop in time,” Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva explained.

In turn, Igor Lepekha, Deputy Interior Minister added that, in accordance with the amendments, the operation of electric scooters should be as safe as possible for pedestrians. They have priority over electric scooter drivers, regardless of the speed of the latter. According to the Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, there is no special rule yet, however, such violations are punished in the Administrative Code in the form of a fine of 3 MCI or a warning. In addition, drivers of electric scooters are prohibited from carrying passengers and goods, this will be punished by a fine of 5 MCI.

The deputies also ratified the Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Holy See on relations dated September 24, 1998. The document was presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs Marat Akhmetzhanov. According to him, the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit for clergy who arrived for a long time to serve in any of the subjects of the Catholic Church in Kazakhstan is being simplified. In particular, the requirements for proof of solvency and place of residence are excluded. They are replaced by written commitments of the Catholic Church.

At the end of the plenary session, the Mazhilis members sent a number of deputy requests to the responsible state bodies on topical socio-economic topics.


Press service of the Mazhilis - 24-38-22. Photo by Zh. Zhumabekov

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