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The Mazhilis adopted the law on regulation of the circulation of liquefied gas in the second reading

 Astana, May 24, Mazhilis House. The deputies adopted the law on the issues of reengineering of processes for regulating the circulation of liquefied gas in the second reading. The Mazhilis also ratified the Agreement between Kazakhstan and Turkey on the organization of information exchange and simplification of customs control procedures and adopted new draft laws.


Yekaterina Smyshlyaeva, Secretary of the Mazhilis Committee for Economic Reform and Regional Development, said that the law on reengineering the processes of regulating the circulation of liquefied gas ensures maximum transparency in the distribution and use of this scarce commodity.

There are a number of rules for this. Among them is the transfer of retail price regulation from the agency for the protection of competition to the Ministry of Energy for the formation of a unified pricing policy. Another is the creation of a transparent system for the distribution of liquefied gas through an independent procedure for obtaining the necessary data.

“All data is taken from existing information systems. The turnover of liquefied gas will be transparent from the manufacturing plant to the consumer tank. Information about where, when, by whom and to whom the scarce goods were sold will make it possible to exclude the human factor from the procedure for forming a supply plan,” the Mazhiliswoman explained.

According to her, the number of entities participating in the supply chains and entitled to receive goods under the supply plan is also limited. The transfer of objects of industrial complexes to third parties is excluded, which will positively affect the formation of a fair price. Mechanisms are being introduced to combat gas flows to neighboring countries and between regions.

A number of changes are proposed in the field of housing and communal services.

“A restriction is introduced on the validity period of technical conditions for connecting commercial gas to domestic and industrial facilities. An assessment of the real needs of ongoing projects and the exclusion of unrealizable applications will free up currently reserved commercial gas resources for new consumers,” Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva said.

The law also excludes the rule on the termination of the activities of cooperatives of apartment owners and other consumer cooperatives for the management of an apartment building from July 1, 2023. Requirements for them will be developed under another bill.

After listening to the report of their colleague, the Mazhilismen proceeded to discuss it, as a result of which the law was adopted by a majority of votes in the second reading.

The deputies also ratified the Agreement between the governments of Kazakhstan and Turkey on the organization of information exchange and simplification of customs control procedures. The bill was presented to the Mazhilismen by the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance Yerulan Zhamaubayev. He noted that the main purpose of the document is to increase efficiency and reduce the time for customs control through electronic information exchange.

In addition, the relevant committees of the Chamber adopted new bills: on issues of payments to children from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on the return of illegally acquired assets to the state with four related projects. Among them are amendments to the Constitutional Law "On the Prosecutor's Office", the Tax and Administrative Codes, as well as other legislative acts.

At the end of the plenary session, the Mazhilismen sent their deputy requests to the responsible state bodies on topical socio-economic topics.


Press service of the Mazhilis - 24-38-22. Courtesy of Zh. Zhumabekov

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